Wearing Raccoons

Raccoon Auto Coat

Lanpher, Skinner & Co / Wikimedia Commons

The roaring twenties weren’t kind to you if you were a raccoon. People wanted to kill, skin you, and wear your skin.

Just like hipsters everywhere and at any time in history, it took a lot to be cool in the 1920s. But having a raccoon coat meant you had a hold on that dream. And the raccoon pelt grew in popularity through the 1880s to become the icon of the Jazz Age. College boys loved them, and they were symbols of success. But by the late dust bowl days of the depression that raccoon coat industry was ratty and falling apart.








Fess Parker

Fess Parker/ Stock Photo

The fifties and sixties had a raccoon fashion revival.

Fess Parker’s portrayal of Davie Crockett proved the power of TV in those distant days before the internet, and sparked a craze for coon skin caps. Every kid had to have one, and the harvested raccoons spiked after falling in the 30s and 40s.







Fur Hat World

Fur Hat World


Is this the well dressed hipster of 2020?

And what of the future?  The fashion world is a place where the most bizarre attire can be seen and encouraged. The anti-fur crowd would cry foul, but stranger things have happened.

If 14 year old girls are getting tattoos these days – and they are – anything is possible.